Which devices can I connect?

Any Device with internet connectivity and compatible with Lhings can be related to your account. This means it can be managed and controlled as any of your connected Devices, as well as communicate with them by creating Rules.

A Device might be your cell phone, tablet, TV, a table, a ball, a carpet or even your house. They must specify clearly that they are Lhings Compatible or Lhings Enabled or simply show the Lhings Logo.

Developers: Would you like to make a Lhings Compatible Device? Lhings tells you how.

How many devices can I connect?

The number of active devices per account is limited. As Lhings is in a Beta phase for testing, that number of devices might change. In principle that number is limited to 5 in a free subscription plan.

What happens to deleted Devices?

When a Device is deleted from your Device List, it loses its link to your account. This means that it will not appear again in your dashboard unless you perform a RESET and link it again to your account.

The reset process could be different depending on the Device and its manufacturer. Commonly this process is simple and consist of a hardware reset by pressing a button in the device, or could also be done by software.

If you are a developer, please take a look at the Developers Documentation. You will find tutorials and details to reset your connected Devices.

What is my API-Key?

Your API-Key is a unique number that identifies you as a user. It is automatically assigned when your account is first created and can be read by accessing into your account, in the profile section. Click in your username (upper right corner of your dashboard). An information panel will show you the highlighted value of your API-Key.

This identification number might be needed or requested by your devices in order to relate themselves to your account.

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