The Management API

The Management API allows to perform all the tasks needed to manage the devices that belong to your account. Tasks like checking which devices belong to your account, deleting them, command them to perform actions, and managing rules, all this is performed using this API.

The purpose of this API is to provide an HTTP interface to all the actions that can be performed using the Lhings web interface.

This API is currently composed of two kinds of services, those which deal with the management of devices and those which deal with the management of rules:

  • Management of devices:
    • Device.delete, to delete a device. The deleted device will no longer be able to connect to Lhings.
    • Device.doAction, to instruct a device to perform a particular action.
    •, to obtain the device descriptor of a device.
    • Device.list, to list all the devices of the account, together with some aditional useful information.
    • Device.status, to retrieve the status of a device.
  • Management of rules:
    • Rule.create, to create a new rule.
    • Rule.delete, to delete a previously existing rule.
    • Rule.disable, to disable a rule. Disabled rules will not work until they are enabled again.
    • Rule.enable, to enable a previously disabled rule.
    • Rule.isEnabled, to check if a rule is enabled or not.
    • Rule.isBroken, to check if a rule is broken or not. A rule is broken if some of its components is not satisfied.
    • Rule.list, to list all the rules created for a particular account.
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