Lhings Documentation

Lhings is a platform which provides connectivity features to your devices through the internet. Lhings allows you to easily receive information from your devices, control them remotely, make them interact with your favourite web applications and even delegate the control of some devices to others, so that your own ecosystem of Things works automatically. You can:

  • Control your things remotely, no matter where you are.
  • Check the readings of your sensors, even past readings.
  • Receive notifications of events detected or generated by your things.
  • Integrate your things with external apps, like twitter.
  • Schedule the execution of tasks.
  • Create rules that trigger your things to execute a given task when some other thing or app notifies about an event.

You can do all these using the web interface of Lhings or the mobile app (Android or Iphone). Lhings enables you to interact with your things anywhere, anytime you like.

This documentation is divided in several smaller pieces, so be sure which one you want to read:

  • Getting started, if you are new to Lhings and want a quick overview to get a taste.
  • General usage, if you have some Lhings powered device and want to have a detailed view of which features Lhings offer from the point of view of a user.
  • Developer documentation, if you are a developer or manufacturer interested in connecting devices to Lhings.

Of course, if you have any doubts not solved in this documentation, check out our FAQ or contact us.

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